Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peacock Clock

Peacock Clock
Personal Project, 2008

This was a personal project that I worked on in Autumn 2008, I actually created an A5 working clock using these designs as well as nice, textured A3 prints. I'm hoping to have these reprinted shortly so I will post photographs soon of the working clock up on my wall.

Green Peacock

Pink Peacock


Anonymous said...


Would you consider creating a version of a peacock for me to use as a splash page on my new website in development? I am a healer starting out.

I had a designer friend work on my logo graphic, but it's all I have so far as brand identity. It's beautiful - a spectrum of rainbow colors that would be amazing in a peacock graphic.

The website will be actively marketed in U.S., UK, Japan, Europe...

Let me know your interest and a rough estimate. Thanks!

...Beautiful branding work, by the way! WOW.

Keleigh Sherrod

Shaylene said...

Hi there. I need a teal, black and lime peacock- to use as a signature repeat at a wedding. Can u help?
Really stunning designs BTW.

Gemma-Lea said...

Hi Shaylene,

Could I have your email address please so that we can discuss your wedding signature?

Or email me at