Saturday, December 12, 2009

A sight for sore eyes..

Because everyone loves the look of Polaroids, I don't have a Polaroid Camera so I make do with Poladroid! I need to wipe my memory card so I thought I'd just have a play with any nice photos I have. Yum yum!

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Watershed Snack Packaging

Watershed Snack Packaging
Student project 2009

This is my most recent project; a brief set in conjunction with the Watershed Cinema, Bristol. The brief was to design a range of packaging to suit their target market with a link to different film genres. The front imagery on these designs would be foil blocked.

A stressful, but fun project!



Saturday, December 05, 2009

Suicide / Right to die Poster - Veja

VEJA: Suicide / Right to Die
Typography poster

Very, very clever! Both in imagery and the message behind it. This advert was released in Brazil in 2006. They tried to follow it up with a smiliar ad campaign but couldn't match up to the first one..

It hurts my eyes a little though, when I concentrate on one word I can't see the others and vise versa.

There and back again lane..

What an amazing street name, I'd love to have it on my letters. Bristol, Uk.

Sunday, November 29, 2009



I'm Gemma-Lea Goodyer and I'm currently a year two student studying Graphic Design in Bristol, UK. This blog is going to be a home for some of my work (past and present) and also a place to keep track of things that inspire me.

This is me!

Thanks for looking,
Gemma-Lea xx

Peacock Clock

Peacock Clock
Personal Project, 2008

This was a personal project that I worked on in Autumn 2008, I actually created an A5 working clock using these designs as well as nice, textured A3 prints. I'm hoping to have these reprinted shortly so I will post photographs soon of the working clock up on my wall.

Green Peacock

Pink Peacock

Counties and Coastlines of Britain

Counties and Coastlines of Britain
Own project, 2008

Hand drawn vector outline of the UK coast including border lines and counties labelled by typography and patterns. There are four appendages to this piece (see below main map image) which are A5 reference keys to the imagery. The map print was produced at A1, I'd love to get this reprinted with a few changes now that I understand aspects of design like kerning but alas, the files were lost in a irresponsibly backed up disk drive failure.

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Full map, actual

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance
Typography posters; student brief 2007

The br
ief was to create a typography poster using two fonts from the Monotype font foundry. The finished outcome was a series of two posters featuring the type faces; Mosquito, Inflex, Century Gothic and Spectrum. The imagery was created using the letters from the font, for example, the pattern labelled "a" on the first poster is created using only the shape of the lower case letter a from Mosquito. The pattern labelled "b" only contain the letter b and so on for each letter in each type face.

I was quite pleased with the finished pieces (and still am). The actual print sizes I printed the posters as was A1 and A1.

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Creative Alliance 9.0 : Mosquito and Inflex

Creative Alliance 9.0 : Century Gothic and Spectrum