Saturday, November 28, 2009

Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance
Typography posters; student brief 2007

The br
ief was to create a typography poster using two fonts from the Monotype font foundry. The finished outcome was a series of two posters featuring the type faces; Mosquito, Inflex, Century Gothic and Spectrum. The imagery was created using the letters from the font, for example, the pattern labelled "a" on the first poster is created using only the shape of the lower case letter a from Mosquito. The pattern labelled "b" only contain the letter b and so on for each letter in each type face.

I was quite pleased with the finished pieces (and still am). The actual print sizes I printed the posters as was A1 and A1.

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Creative Alliance 9.0 : Mosquito and Inflex

Creative Alliance 9.0 : Century Gothic and Spectrum

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